CHICAGO- Saint Xavier Women's Track Team joined forces with the Sisters of Mercy at St. Angela by forming a track program for the students to participate in after school.  During the Spring, the track team designs practices that are held at St. Angela that teach proper form, and different tactics for running in track meets.  Other members of Saint Xavier teams go and help out as well including players from the men's basketball team and men's soccer team.  

St. Angela has an ATM program (Activities That Matter) that includes after school activities for the students.  St. Angela jokes on their website by saying "ATM does not dispense cash, it dispenses Motivation!"  The website also goes on to say:  "Our ATMs are the fantastic extracurricular activities that St. Angela offers it's students outside of the traditional school day from 3-6:00 pm. Activities that include: homework lab, praise dance, science challenge lab, Lego club, choir, Spanish club, basketball, volleyball, track, etc. From 3-6:00 pm, we make sure that our students are involved in academically enriching and physically stimulating programs."

"You can definitely tell a difference in the students form and abilities by the end of the season" commented SXU Head Coach, Lisa Ebel.  "We have a wonderful partnership with the school and Sisters of Mercy; their students benefit from us coming to help out, and we enjoy coaching them."

The SXU women's track team will host an inter-team competition at the Shannon Center on Wednesday, April 5th.  There will also be a small award ceremony afterward for the students.  

Click Here for more information on Saint Xavier women's track.

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