CHICAGO- Saint Xavier Athletics is a powerhouse on and off the field.  Not only does the program have a high reputation for its athletic accomplishments, but also for its scholar athletes.  Playing a sport in college can sometimes feel like a full time job.  Most sports not only require attendance at all practices and games, but their athletes also have to continue to stay healthy and do outside work such as rehab and weightlifting, which is often done on their own time.  On top of this, student athletes are required to be full time students in order to participate in sports.  This makes it all the more impressive when athletes are able to maintain high grade point averages, that get recognized by their conference and the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics).  

Almost every team has players that awarded conference Scholar-Athlete awards, as well as Academic All-American.  Many teams even are NAIA Scholar Teams.  To be a Scholar Team, the average GPA for the team must be at least a 3.0.  One of the more impressive Scholar Teams at Saint Xavier is the Women's Cross Country and Track team.  Since 2006, the team has received the Scholar Team award for both the Cross Country and Track seasons.  Also, in those years, the team's average GPA has always been above a 3.5!  In the past year (2010-2011 seasons), there have been close to 50 athletes that have been recognized for their academic achievements by either their conference or the NAIA.

From the SXU football team, 13 athletes were awarded;  Patrick Appino, Brian Casson, Pat Garrity, Tom Gbur, Pat Geary, Justin Johnson, Anthony Kropp, Shane Liston, Michael Prosser, Drew Rogowski, Ryan Searls, Brendan Sheehy, and Xavier Torres.  Eight players from the baseball and softball teams were also awarded;  Zach Clements, Jeff Dobie, Matt Erickson, Ken Tezak, Megan Paradzinski, Rebekah Ruettiger, Amy Kennedy, and Brittany Hannigan.    Six players from the women's and men's soccer teams were also awarded by the NAIA;  Joanna Janulis, Nancy Schueth, Ashley Shugar, Amanda Wessel, and Ben Johnson.  From the men's and women's basketball teams, the following players were awarded for their academic achievements; Nick Hastings, Alex Barone, Marissa Young, Brittany Jones, Maureen Riley, Romisha Taylor, and Michelle Tourtillott.  Members from the volleyball team were also recognized, including Ashley August, Erin Sebo, and Danielle Malloy.  

Considering the consistently high GPA from the women's cross country and track team, it is no surprise they have a list of awarded individuals as well.  This list includes Jade Braden, Barb Roman, Krista Olenek, Lauren Dentzman, Alyssa Driscoll, Katy Thomson, Dana Eppley, Amy Poull, and Megan Syring.  A runner from the men's cross country and track team, Matt Rychel, also received an award.

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